Something Different

What is one thing you hear most about in the media?


99% of the time it’s people unnecessarily bashing other people (most of whom they know little about), and the circle continues. It’s either that or killings, shark attacks, celebrity scandals.

One thing many do not accomplish, is proving a point with facts instead of emotions.

In a debate or an argument, things can get heated rather quickly. You see it on the news, people bad-mouth people all the time. Sometimes in a live debate on television it becomes so loud, and heated that you haven’t the slightest idea what is being said.

Therefore during those times, we’re never able to truly determine right or wrong because of the strong emotions shown on both sides.

I’m here to end it, starting with me.

There will be times, that I will call out/criticize people. What can you say, I’m human. That doesn’t make me wrong, it just allows me to express myself in a verbal outlet that may be provided with a unique way. The biggest downside to partaking in the emotional roller coaster of hate, is the lack of wisdom and facts. With a healthy balance, but leaning towards more of the facts than emotional aspect, life would be much more understandable.

I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know much about politics, religion, health, and fashion. I’m a trend setter just so you know.

What moves my heart and upsets me the most, is America being divided against itself, and seeing individuals who desire to obliterate our history or Constitution.

It’s about time we unite as Americans, for one country, to protect each other from foreign and domestic terrorism. Whether that be ANTIFA, gangs, ISIS, the blackmailing/lying journalists, or insane SJW’s, it must be stopped soon, and for good.


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