Sexy Scaramucci

I just can't help myself.

When I saw him on this briefing/introduction for the WH, it hit me. This man, won't tolerate anything he doesn't have to deal with. From firing bad guys to exposing leakers, it was apparent who the boss was. All while handling it the way any good Italian man does, which made it even more attractive.

He's Italian.
Has brown luscious locks.
The perfect nose.
The perfect smile.
He's physically fit.
He's outgoing.
Very intelligent.
Distributes the type of leader grandeur any lady will swoon over.
Accent? It's Long Island.
The list goes on and on, but I don't have enough time in the day (sadly). I'm also quiet positive that there is a splendid amount more of swoon-worthy qualities that i'm not yet aware of.

His name is Anthony Scaramucci.
Donald Trump's secret weapon tornado.
Was the WH communications director for 11 days just shy of actually being sworn in, saved us from some bad men, revealed to us his greatness… and dashing good looks.
He graduated from Harvard with a JD in Law, started a highly successful investment firm known as SkyBridge Capital, was appointed senior VP and CSO of the U.S. Import-Export Bank, is an author of three books, and is now a political figure.
Is he the Italian Batman??

Only time will tell. I for one know he has the ability to save Gotham too.
(Not to mention he's from there, coincidence?)

Now be warned: Half of me is an artist, somewhat of a goober, and a Meme Queen. Which means you're about to get flabbergasted.
Feast your eyes upon this Italian Stallion magnificence, and feel free to giggle (not drool!) as you wish.

(Afterwards, I highly suggest you attend church and sprinkle some Holy Water in your eyes.)

Yes, the memes are creepy, but they're friggen funny you have to admit. 😆
Also, don't worry. I have a very good feeling this isn't the last you've seen or heard from him in Washington.


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