Race: Short Poem

Here is a quick glimpse of my view on the human race. 

You are a masterpiece.

Look around, God didn't create just a blue sky, did He?

No. He made white clouds. Grey clouds. Dark clouds.

He made orange, purple, yellow, pink hues for dusk and dawn.

The trees even contain an array of colors from winter, summer, fall, and spring.

God is an artist, and you are His masterpiece. 

We didn't have to exist, besides, what is our purpose?

Our purpose is to love each other, and love God.

You see, just as we do not want to be alone, neither does God.

Whether you are black, brown, orange, yellow, white, pink, olive, or any in between.. you are God's canvas! 

Why do you think it's so difficult to find makup in the stores that is your EXACT shade?

Because you are.. UNIQUE.

God takes his paint brush, and mixed shades together, to create a uniquely flawless shade of skin.

Then, He took your hair, and played with it.

God said, "Her hair will be curly as the waves in the ocean, and full as the love I have in my heart for her." 

Don't let mans inability to love flaw your view of God's masterpiece.

We are the HUMAN RACE, one race unified under God our Creator. 

Hand picked, to do great things in this world.

To spread love, and love the way God created you.

Accept yourself, embrace yourself, and next time you are somewhere and see a person of a different shade than you.. admire God's mixing of the paint. His canvas. His creation. 💙🖼🎨


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